How Health & Safety Hazard Warning Signs Can Help Prevent Fires

How Health & Safety Hazard Warning Signs Can Help Prevent Fires

What Are Health & Safety Hazard Warning Signs?

In commercial buildings, health and safety hazard warning signs are crucial for preventing fire incidents from occurring. We at Fire Protection Services (FPS) provide a range of this signage and below, will expand on their benefits in more detail as well as giving an example on how these signs work.

One of the most well known hazard warning signs is the no smoking sign. It is of vital importance that this is clearly on view in flammable/potentially explosive areas in order to make individuals aware of the dangerous outcome of smoking in this instance. This is usually done in conjunction with a highly flammable warning sign as shown above.

Other Preventative Signage

In addition to preventing fire incidents, we at FPS also stock a variety of signs that assist with creating a safer working environment, by clearly highlighting the potential risks, restricted areas and forbidden activities. These are known as health and safety prohibition signs and follow all of the relevant domestic and international standards. Some examples of these include signs that showcase no eating or drinking, no flash photography, no mobile phone usage, as well as many more.

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