Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are a new innovation in the fire industry. Cooking appliances are the biggest single source of accidental fire in the workplace. With this in mind the wet chemical solution is the most effective means of extinguishing fires involving deep fat fryers. The solution cools and emulsifies when applied to burning fats and oils. This seals the surface and prevents re-ignition of the fire. Furthermore this new type of extinguisher also has A class fire rating.

How Do Wet Chemical Extinguishers Work?

Wet chemical extinguishers contain potassium salts which when sprayed on a fire create a film on the fire’s fuel. The fire is cooled and smothered by the film.

When using this kind of extinguisher on burning fat or oils, it is important to take care not to splash any burning liquid and spread the fire further.

We at Fire Protection Services recommend that restaurants, hotel kitchens and other places with deep fat fryers should have a wet chemical fire extinguisher.

Using a wet chemical extinguisher:

  • First remove the safety pin
  • Turn off the source of the heat if possible
  • Hold the hose well above the fire, with the nozzle at least 1 metre away from the flames
  • Spray gently above the fire slow allowing the foam to settle on the surface of the fire
  • Spray the entire contents to prevent the fire re-igniting

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