How Mandatory Fire Action Notice Signs Help In The Event Of A Fire

How Mandatory Fire Action Notice Signs Help In The Event Of A Fire

What Are Mandatory Fire Action Notice Signs?

In the event of a fire within a commercial building, mandatory fire action notice signs help to outline the specific actions that need to be taken in order to facilitate a safe evacuation. This will always start with sounding the nearest fire alarm but depending on if the sign is a staff fire action notice or public fire action notice, the next instructions will differ. Both staff and public fire action notice signs should be placed in key positions within your building to ensure easy access if a fire does occur.

Below, we at Fire Protection Services (FPS) will be taking a look at our mandatory fire action notice signs in more detail and providing you with some more information on them.

Our Mandatory Fire Action Notice Signs

Here at FPS, our fire action notice signs have graphical symbols included in order to reinforce the training and instruction of employees regarding the meaning and measures to be taken in connection with safety signs, as outlined under statutory requirements. In addition to this, our signs can also be tailored to your business as there is an option to write on the signs, in regards to detailing your nearest fire assembly point.

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