Why Are Fire Equipment Identification Signs Important?

Why Are Fire Equipment Identification Signs Important?

What Are Fire Equipment Identification Signs?

A fire equipment identification sign lets the user know what type of fire fighting equipment they are picking up and which types of fires they can be used on. The Fire Precaution and Health and Safety at Work Regulations and Legislation recommends that all fire fighting appliances are clearly marked, as well as being easily accessible at all times. Having a fire equipment identification sign on your premises will help you to meet these recommendations. Below, we at Fire Protection Services (FPS) will be exploring fire equipment identification signs in more detail while also explaining their importance.

Why Are They Important?

As mentioned above, a fire equipment identification sign explains the types of fires that they can be used on. This is important because users will now know the best fire extinguisher to use for the corresponding fire.

Almost as important as this is knowing which fire extinguishers not to use. For example, if a room full of computers and electrical equipment caught fire, it would be vital to let the user know that a water or foam fire extinguisher should not be used to combat it. This information would be present on the relevant fire equipment identification signs leading the user to choose a more appropriate fire extinguisher such as the CO2 variety.

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